Tradie 2019 ‘Aussie Fit & No Bounce’

TRADIE No Bounce Underwear TVC – featuring Nick Honey Badger’ Cummins, and the TRADIE Aussie Fit Underwear TVC – featuring Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins, Danielle Scott & Charlotte Caslick. These ads mark our fifth year working with the folks at Tradie and our agency friends at The Incubator.

Pearson Clinical

Pearson work hand-in-hand with health professionals around the world, to develop gold-standard clinical tools to improve the quality of life and possibilities of life. We created the brand film for Pearson Clinical ‘Living and Ageing Well’, with our friends at The Incubator Agency.

Pant Active

PLOT produced an online brand video and three artist collection videos for Melbourne based activewear brand, Pant Active. This activewear, designed and made in Melbourne, features the work of local street artists in limited releases. The suite of videos was directed by PLOT regular Tim White and featured Pant Active athletes. PLOT also produced the lookbook and campaign stills for the new range and artist collections, with photographer Melissa Cowan.



Carlton Dry Underthinkit

Plot produced an online video for Carlton Dry’s Facebook promotion, ahead of Splendour in the Grass and in collaboration with VIRTUE. This multi-camera infomercial, starring Glen Walton, was filmed at Channel 31 Studios in Melbourne and directed by Tim White. The video is a bombastic hard-sell rampage of leg ham and lazy susans designed to grab the attention of Facebook scrollers.

Dir. Tim White  /  Client Carlton Dry



A Hugh Peachey Production, PLOT producers’ collaborated with the talented Hugh Peachey on commercial for the Melbourne Vixens netball team.

Dir. Hugh Peachey  /  Client Melbourne Vixens

Hump Shopping Network for eBay

eBay’s HUMP SHOPPING NETWORK is a 4x4hr Facebook LIVE informercial broadcast, produced in collaboration with VICE. Aptly described by Buzzfeed Australia as “barely scripted, brash and brutally unhinged”, the show combined improvised comedy with morning show tropes to promote eBay deals—testing the very limits of Facebook’s new LIVE streaming capability to successfully crack open the format for brands.


CareAbout is a one-stop platform to help compare aged care providers, and choose home care packages and services. PLOT created an easy to navigate site to reflect the CareAbout mission of making aged care information straightforward and readily available. PLOT was also comissioned to provide creative direction for photography that is currently being used on the website and throughout printed collateral.


NSW Parks

PLOT produced these spots for the ‘Sydney Harbour Walks – Answer The Call” online campaign, with Director Tim White, for NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. With cinematographer, Liam Gilmour, and production manager, Poppy Jones, we produced 2 x 30″ and 1 x 15″ entitled “Pretty Good Walks” and “Busted Plugger”.

Dir. Tim White / Client NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service / 2016 (1 x 15″, 2 x 30″)


PLOT produced a number of TVC’s for OZITO Power Tools. The commercial combined in-camera effects and 2D cell animation, live talent, and voiceover to create a punchy presentation of a complex product in an extremely short time for a creative an innovative campaign for the client.

Wentworth (Foxtel) EPK

PLOT Media produced the behind the scenes, electronic press kit and ten short webisodes for the Fremantle Media production, Wentworth. Based on the original 1970’s Australian drama Prisoner, Wentworth. Currently showing on Foxtel’s SoHo Channel website, the behind the scenes highlights all of the main story elements of the series, told through a succession of interviews with key cast and crew from the show.