A Hugh Peachey Production, PLOT producers’ collaborated with the talented Hugh Peachey on commercial for the Melbourne Vixens netball team.

Dir. Hugh Peachey  /  Client Melbourne Vixens

Hump Shopping Network for eBay

eBay’s HUMP SHOPPING NETWORK is a 4x4hr Facebook LIVE informercial broadcast, produced in collaboration with VICE. Aptly described by Buzzfeed Australia as “barely scripted, brash and brutally unhinged”, the show combined improvised comedy with morning show tropes to promote eBay deals—testing the very limits of Facebook’s new LIVE streaming capability to successfully crack open the format for brands.

NSW Parks

PLOT produced these spots for the ‘Sydney Harbour Walks – Answer The Call” online campaign, with Director Tim White, for NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. With cinematographer, Liam Gilmour, and production manager, Poppy Jones, we produced 2 x 30″ and 1 x 15″ entitled “Pretty Good Walks” and “Busted Plugger”.

Dir. Tim White / Client NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service / 2016 (1 x 15″, 2 x 30″)


PLOT produced a number of TVC’s for OZITO Power Tools. The commercial combined in-camera effects and 2D cell animation, live talent, and voiceover to create a punchy presentation of a complex product in an extremely short time for a creative an innovative campaign for the client.

Wentworth (Foxtel) EPK

PLOT Media produced the behind the scenes, electronic press kit and ten short webisodes for the Fremantle Media production, Wentworth. Based on the original 1970’s Australian drama Prisoner, Wentworth. Currently showing on Foxtel’s SoHo Channel website, the behind the scenes highlights all of the main story elements of the series, told through a succession of interviews with key cast and crew from the show.

Obüs – Flight of the Obüs Bird

Virginia produced this fashion film with Pure Pictures, and director, Jasmin Tarasin, for local Melbourne designer, Obüs. 

Pure Pictures founder, Jasmin Tarasin, directed the film – a short experimental piece shot at 1000fps, featuring the Obüs Winter Range 2009, set to the driving riffs of local all-girl band, Beaches. ‘Flight of the Obüs Bird” screened at ACMI as part of the Australian Perspectives program, and throughout the L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2009.


The directing debut of our very own Virginia Kay and Jamie Houge, and produced by the team at PLOT Media. Shot in CinemaScope, the video content was produced primarily for use on the GolfJet website. The beautifully shot piece encompasses the essence and emotion of golf with beauty and grace that directly reflects the companies high-end, and highly sought-after products. Shot on location at the Southern Golf Club with the cast of professional golfers: Tom Curran, Daniel Ong, Grace Daniells from X-Golf.

Dir. Virginia Kay, Jamie Houge / Writ. Virginia Kay / Prod. PLOT Media / Client GolfJet

TRADIE – Nick Cummins “The Honey Badger”

PLOT collaborated with the always-wonderful-and-amazing director, Nick Clifford, to produce television and online commercials for Tradie underwear. Alongside The Incubator, PLOT produced a bunch of TVCs featuring Nick Cummins AKA “The Honey Badger”. Performance-driven, hilarious, and… ‘I just like ‘em!

Dir. Nicholas Clifford / Client Tradies / Agency Incubator / 2015 (3 x 15″, 30”)

Heineken – Green Room

Singapore’s Carbon Films commissioned PLOT to facilitate the Melbourne-based shoot for this global production for Heineken. PLOT collaborated with producer, Carbon Films, and Singapore advertising agency, Arcade. PLOT shot on location in the architecturally inspiring RMIT Design Hub. PLOT produced the shoot component with Australian cinematographer, Liam Gilmour, and a team of Melbourne-based cast and crew. Carbon Films managed post with Method Studios.

Dir. Juan Delcan / Prod. Carbon Films / Client Heineken / Agency Arcade / 2015 (1 x 120”)

Levante – About Last Night

‘About Last Night’ is a commercial fashion film for Italian luxury legwear brand, Levante. PLOT produced the 1 minute commercial, for online and cinema release, with our ad agency friends at The Incubator. The film was directed with beauty and style by the impeccable Nikki Castle. PLOT also teamed with Natalie James in production, with cinematography by Liam Gilmour, and the original score by Tamil Rogeon. Shot on location at the Werribee Mansion.

Dir. Nikki Castle / Client Levante / Agency Incubator / 2015 (3 x 15″, 30″)