Switchblade Electric

Maria Canyon polices the streets against gangs, bounty hunters
and modified thugs. Uncovering secrets is her living, but she has a
dark one of her own; she is a human weapon without a license.
Her secret – and her life – hang in the balance when a vicious serial
killer emerges from her past.
A detective thriller set in the dark alleyways of tomorrow,
from Writer/Director Jesse O’Brien.

Deerhoof – Secret Mobilization

PLOT’s first USA produced music video with director Ewan MacLeod for San Francisco band Deerhoof. Shot over 2 days in the Mojave desert, this music video is a glimpse at the coming short film “Mutants of California City” currently in post production. This playful but stark clip was featured in September 2011 by Rolling Stone Magazine.

if i dance will it keep me warm (2011)

PLOT’s short film follows a day in the life of a seemingly boring woman. On the outside she looks entirely ordinary. The scope of her imagination, however, is a completely different matter. It’s a joyous look into the possibilities of the imagination and it’s written, directed and produced by PLOT.

The Vasco Era

Music video clip for Melbourne band The Vasco Era’s single ‘Rock and Roll Is The Only Thing That Makes Me Feel Good’. The story follows a very bad day in the life of lead singer Sid. With a Canon 5D strapped to his body, Sid makes his way through streets, cars and parties while stuff is flung at is face. Poor Sid.

The Meanies

Virginia produced THE MEANIES feature length documentary, ’Sorry ‘bout the Violence’, and the DVD entitled ‘The Meanies: A Seminal Australian Punk Tale’, for the Taiyo Films  label, and distributed through Madman. The documentary and DVD were directed by Rachael Hough, with Taiyo Film, whom Virginia produced music-based film with between 2004 and 2008. Formed in 1988, The Meanies were one of Australia’s pre-eminent underground rock bands, and continue today. The DVD entitled The Meanies: A Seminal Australian Punk Tale, was released in 2006, and featured a documentary, 11 music video clips and a live concert filmed in Newcastle in 1994.

Hail (2011)

Line Produced by PLOT’s Virginia Kay, we also worked with the Hail team on development and design for its initial website.

Cold War (2015)

COLD WAR sees a Soviet soldier make his way across the Bering Strait to the frozen shores of Alaska. When he is found by an armed hunter, he must convince her, without being able to speak English, that he is a genuine defector. The PLOT team produced COLD WAR with Yellow Brick Films and the SUGAR MOUNTAIN crew, the film was shot on location in Alaska, and stars Robert Patrick (T-1000) and Yulia Klass.

Dir. Richard Gray / USA / 2015 (9 mins)

Mine Games (2012)

PLOT producers Virginia Kay and Jamie Houge co-produced their debut US feature film MINE GAMES with their US sister company, Yellow Brick Films. Directed by Richard Gray, MINE GAMES is the story of a group of young friends who make an incomprehensible discovery in an abandoned mine. MINE GAMES played at Melbourne International Film Festival 2012
and Aruba International Film Festival 2012

Dir. Richard Gray / USA / 2012 (92 mins)

Blinder (2013)

PLOT’s production team produced Australian feature film BLINDER with Milwaukee Productions and Yellow Brick Films. Shot in Torquay, Australia, and Boston, USA, BLINDER stars Jack Thompson, Oliver Ackland, Josh Helman, Anna Hutchison, Angus Sampson, and Rose McIvor. BLINDER is the story of an ex footballer embroiled in a scandal returning home to clear his name and reignite an old flame. BLINDER was released theatrically in Australia, and digitally internationally.

Dir. Richard Gray / USA / 2013 (102 mins)

The Lookalike (2014)

Producers, Virginia Kay and Jamie Houge of PLOT with their sister-company, Yellow Brick Films, third feature film, THE LOOKALIKE. Set in New Orleans, USA, THE LOOKALIKE stars Justin Long, Jerry Connell, John Corbett, Gina Gershon, Gillian Jacobs, Steven Bauer, and Luis Guzman. THE LOOKALIKE was released internationally in 2014. Release included self-distribution in theatres across LA, NYC, New Orleans, Boston, and Miami.

Dir. Richard Gray / USA / 2014 (100 mins) /Anchorage International Film Festival 2014