Switchblade Electric

Maria Canyon polices the streets against gangs, bounty hunters
and modified thugs. Uncovering secrets is her living, but she has a
dark one of her own; she is a human weapon without a license.
Her secret – and her life – hang in the balance when a vicious serial
killer emerges from her past.
A detective thriller set in the dark alleyways of tomorrow,
from Writer/Director Jesse O’Brien.

The Mighty Apollo (AKA The Mighty Young Apollo)

When six year old Melbourne boy Paul Anderson is bullied, he trains himself to become The Mighty Apollo, the world’s strongest man, and achieves immortality through six decades of death-defying feats of strength. The most famous Australian you’ve never heard of.

THE MIGHTY APOLLO is currently in development with the assistance of Film Victoria, script editor, Geoffrey Smith, creative consultant/researcher/producer, Paul Anderson Jr and executive producer, Craig Griffin. Director Nick Barkla went to St Tropez International Film Festival with his debut documentary feature, INSIDE FIGHTER.

Dir.  Nick Barkla / AUS
Prod.  Jamie Houge & Virginia Kay / AUS / USA
EPs  Geoffrey Smith & Craig Griffin / AUS / UK

If you have any information videos, or photos please from the life of The Mighty Apollo please email us at: [email protected]