Plot produced Eugenia Lim’s multi-channel installation, which explores contemporary Australian identity through architecture. The Australian Ugliness considers architecture’s role in shaping culture and cultural diversity. The work seeks to challenge existing tropes and stereotypes of national identity by representing a female, performative, Asian and artistic perspective of Australian architecture, culture and identity. TAU will be presented in partnership with Melbourne School of Design and Open House Melbourne as a keynote event alongside a free public program of talks, an architectural walking tour, a print publication and an interactive online presence that will extend the reach to the broadest possible audience.

Photo Credit: Eugenia Lim, The Australian Ugliness (2018) production still by Tom Ross

Hump Shopping Network for eBay

eBay’s HUMP SHOPPING NETWORK is a 4x4hr Facebook LIVE informercial broadcast, produced in collaboration with VICE. Aptly described by Buzzfeed Australia as “barely scripted, brash and brutally unhinged”, the show combined improvised comedy with morning show tropes to promote eBay deals—testing the very limits of Facebook’s new LIVE streaming capability to successfully crack open the format for brands.

The Westbury Faery

The Westbury Faery is an interactive multiplatform world-building project. A new form of Alternate Reality Game (ARG) that develops a unique mythology and community through online audience engagement and collaboration. The work spans many forms of media including live action cinematic film sequences, low-fi found footage style viral video, community building across social networks, an interactive website and an Augmented Reality app.